20 Best Gifts for Men Under 500 in India 2024

Best Gifts for Men Under Rs. 500 in India

The holiday season may have ended, and the New Year is now upon us. The post-festivity lull can be a downer when combined with January’s dull, grey skies. A surprise gift can be just what the doctor ordered to cheer up someone special in your life. Giving gifts holds immense rewards for you; the laughter and gratitude in their eyes travel into your heart. 

How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Men

Whether gift-giving is a science is up for debate, but there sure are strategies you can apply to fine-tune it. We suggest exploring these pointers to locate a befitting, all-occasion gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend, you name it.

  • Personal tastes and hobbies: Your job is straightforward if he is into music, books, travel, pottery, or cooking. Interests like these stand out a mile, and gifting in these areas will invariably succeed.
  • Personality: Are they fond of grooming and appearing presentable at all times? Perfume kits or a tasteful toiletries collection can be a terrific gift. Are they romantics at heart? They will appreciate love notes, collectibles, or any personalized item to show your special touch.
  • Functional: Is there something he has meant to get for a long time, like a new wallet because the old one has frayed, or a set of headphones? Gifts that serve a purpose can be the best of all; they denote you care about them enough to notice and fulfill their little needs.

Our Picks: 20 Best Gifts for Men Under 500 in India 2024

We have built a charming list of 20 gift items you can present to the men in your life to celebrate them and what they mean to you. They range from luxurious to multipurpose, poetic to decadent, but all cost less than Rs. 500. The worth of a gift, after all, does not lie in its price tag.

1. Perfume Gift Set by The Man Company

Perfume Gift Set by The Man Company

A good scent can make a lasting, memorable impression.

These perfumes come in 20ml bottles to suit various moods and occasions: date nights, regular workdays, party wear, and days out.

The notes range from whiskey and Patchouli to grapefruit and sandalwood.

They are long-lasting enough to keep him smelling fresh the entire day.

2. Watch, Wallet & Sunglasses Gift Box

Watch, Wallet & Sunglasses Gift Box

You can get your man all the essentials for a productive day in this dazzling LORENZ gift box at a massive discount.

\It includes an analog watch, a wallet, and wayfarer glasses — all stylish enough to belie the price.

You will get a one-year warranty on the watch, so you can assuredly opt for this budget-friendly present.

3. Beardo Body Spray Collection

Beardo Body Spray Collection

This beloved brand has created a four-pack gift set to have your boyfriend covered, no matter what the circumstance calls for.

These perfumes prevail and have affirming fragrances like amber, bergamot, and white musk.

He only needs a quick spray (or two) on the collar and wrist to smell dazzling.

4. Vintage Wallet

Vintage Wallet

Gift your man this durable but stylish oil-wax leather wallet by LONDON ALLEY, and watch his eyes sparkle!

The brand has started a hefty discount, making this idea affordable yet thoughtful.

This wallet has tough stitching and several compartments to accommodate his essentials like coins and credit cards.

5. Wallet, Pen & Keychain Gift Box

WildHorn Gift Hamper

This minimalist gift set by WildHorn comprises a sturdy leather wallet made of full-grain material.

It also has a classy leather keyring and a smooth ball pen. This eternal combo continues to reign supreme for men in the gifting world.

It will be a practical and meaningful present for all the men in your life: husband, father, or brother, for instance.

6. Park Avenue Grooming Set

Park Avenue Grooming Set

This assortment of five toiletries is an excellent pick for men who like to stay well-groomed, even when they travel.

It covers all the necessities by Park Avenue: a deodorant, aftershave, soap, shaving cream, a brush, and a razor.

It also includes a pouch for him to store everything conveniently and get going on a work trip.

7. boAt Wired Headphones 

boAt Wired Headphones

A pair of quality headphones is always welcome, especially in this age of noise!

This boAT BassHeads gadget uses 10mm drivers and offers 16-ohm speaker resistance for superior sound quality.

It also boasts a comfy fit, extra bass, and a lightweight build for convenient carriage.

8. EAU DE Parfum Set

EAU DE Parfum Set

Consider this gifting option for men who admire earthy, natural fragrances.

The Man Company has built this unique hamper with four perfumes (20ml) from their POLO WOODS range.

They are cruelty-free and have a 20% concentration for extended usage.

Moreover, he will find them super-easy to stow in hand baggage for a spontaneous flight.

9. WildHorn Leather Wallet 

WildHorn Leather Wallet

We have the perfect (and incredibly cheap) idea to surprise and encourage him to change his old, faded wallet.

This WildHorn wallet is robust, elegant, and dependable for everything, from currency notes to cards.

It uses genuine leather and has an exquisite inner lining.

10. Pocket Watch Keychain

Pocket Watch Keychain

There was a time when pocket watches were all the rage.

They don’t fail to evoke that vintage, ethereal feel even today — especially with one of these that also doubles up as a keychain with a motorbike engraving.

It is a rustic metallic product (stainless steel and bronze) that can signify the romance of the time you spend together.

11. Embossed Leather Diary

Embossed Leather Diary

Time passes, but memories stay forever, particularly when documented in one of these handmade leather journals!

This CAVALO notebook has a gorgeous tree design and branches out over 240 thick craft pages for him to use as a scrapbook, personal diary, artwork, etc.

The paper quality is top-notch and supports various writing instruments, like fountain and sketch pens.

12. Leather Sling Bag

Leather Sling Bag

A compact, adjustable sling bag is a fabulous complement to an active lifestyle and sends this message to your man.

This Pramadda crossbody bag (7 inches) lets him store all his items, like his mobile phone and keys, for the gym, a quick day trip, cycling, etc.

The shoulder straps are non-slip for a satisfactory grip.

13. Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth Remote

Surprise your photographer boyfriend with this Bluetooth remote by Sounce that helps capture perfect pictures with incredible ease.

It pairs with iOS and Android even from 30 feet away.

The design is simple — equipped with two buttons for photos and videos — and the form factor is portable.

14. Groot Flowerpot & Penstand

Groot Flowerpot & Penstand

Infinity War has become one of the most popular Marvel movies.

You can buy your husband or friend this Groot planter to grow succulents or work as a stationery holder.

It uses PVC material and is about 6 inches tall. Harry Potter fanboys will also love it!

15. Parker Pen

Parker Pen

The classic Parker pen continues to represent the glory of the written word, style, and sophistication.

This Parker Gold ball pen has a stainless steel body and a timeless design that will appeal to men (and women) of all ages.

It is the go-to gift for starting on new adventures, like a fresh college degree or a big promotion.

16. Safari Backpack

Safari Backpack

Why not get your best buddy an attractive, spacious backpack that serves him well for whatever life doles out?

It has a 15-liter capacity and a drawstring design for smooth handling. He can keep an umbrella, notepads, and earphones in this roomy backpack.

It isn’t waterproof or suitable for laptops but is adequate for day-to-day shopping trips, picnics, etc.

17. 20 Reasons I Need You Gift Box

20 Reasons I Need You Gift Box

You needn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to tell your significant other how much and why you love him.

This beautiful gift box lists 20 reasons full of romance and longing to make his heart flutter.

It uses an engineered wood material and a heart-shaped design that works for all occasions: making up after an argument or your first-time-we-met anniversary!

18. Personalized Spotify Plaque

Personalized Spotify Plaque

Is there a song that represents you and your beloved like no other?

You can make it eternal with this plaque (6 by 9 inches) that comes with a steel stand.

This acrylic-glass product features a scannable code he can use to play the melody whenever he misses you.

19. Gym Bag

Gym Bag

Get your father moving with this handy polyester gym bag by Sfane.

It is stylishly and thoughtfully made, with a separate spot for keeping shoes and adjustable shoulder straps.

He can also use it as a sports bag or a regular travel carrier for weekend trips.

20. Antique Gramophone Showpiece 

Antique Gramophone Showpiece

Music lovers will admire this decorative gramophone on their desk, resonating with melodies from times bygone.

Its brass body radiates with a natural sheen and has minute details for a more authentic appearance.

It makes an inventive decor piece for men attuned to sound.


Most people purchase gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and housewarmings. But some of the most valuable gifts can be the ones we received just because, without an occasion, not on a red-letter day. If you have never done it before, we heartily recommend trying it out to make your man smile, help your Dad feel better after days of flu, congratulate your brother on a job well done, and appreciate your professor for mentorship — the possibilities are endless. Budget gifts make quick, spontaneous buys, but the emotions they express are priceless.

Many items we have shared on this list are premium, available at a discount for a limited period. It is sensible to add them to your cart to avail of these exclusive offers. Items like an earthy leather wallet or an amalgam of heady scents never lose charm. So, you can even stockpile them for occasions coming up during the year, like Valentine’s Day or a milestone birthday. Customized gifts that hold inside meaning to you and the receiver, like movie merchandise or a specific song, are also wildly popular.

Thanks to online shopping, scores of innovative products are now available at pocket-friendly prices. Happy gifting!

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