54 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in India 2024

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him in India 2024

Gifts have a heavily debated status in modern society: a position that invariably attracts opposing views. Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14, and it is one of those occasions that gets thought of in the same line as gifting. 

There’s something inimitable about watching a loved one’s eyes light up when you give them something unique, beautiful, and meaningful. The myriad responsibilities of life don’t often leave time to acknowledge the significance of our significant other. Valentine’s Day rises to the occasion by allowing us to pause and realize — and express our appreciation for — our partners.

Why do people give gifts on Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally, V-Day celebrations date back to the 14th Century. The occasion is said to commemorate the martyrdom of St. Valentine, a Roman priest executed by the emperor Claudius II Gothicus. But that gruesome aspect of history apart, the date also celebrates the romance of spring — that golden time when love blossoms in thousands of hearts, young or old. Gift-giving has become integral to the festival, affirming that you care. You care enough to spare time to buy/make your boyfriend or husband something they will cherish.

It is a misconception that girls appreciate gifts more; it is human to love receiving attention and feeling valued by your partner. Most men like surprises just as much as women do!

Our Picks: 54 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in India 2024

We have collected gift ideas across categories like technology, artwork, fashion, and self-care to suit different tastes. The budgets vary too — a pricier gift needn’t be better. If we can request you to set aside cynicism for a while and give in to the goodness of making the man in your life happy, this list might be just the thing. 

1. Customized Star Map

Customized Star Map

Not only men into astronomy will appreciate this gorgeous star map featuring the constellations from a date holding meaning for your relationship.

This beautiful map lets you customize the text and background and makes a perfect Valentine’s gift, expressing your gratitude that your stars aligned just right.

2. Spotify Plaque with Your Song

Spotify Plaque with Your Song

You know how you get goosebumps when you listen to that specific song that stands for you and your boyfriend?

This Spotify acrylic plaque with a steel stand has a scannable barcode to let him play the melody that gets his heart racing.

It could also be his favorite song or the track played during your wedding dance!

3. What I Love About Us Journal

What I Love About Us Journal

Perhaps you love it when you and your husband dance to cheerful songs in the kitchen, celebrating the end of chores on a weekend.

This journal lets you create unique sentences depicting aspects of the relationship you adore the most.

It could take on any tone — witty, mushy — based on what makes you two tick.

4. Under the Sheets Card Game

Under the Sheets Card Game

Here’s an idea for a more risqué, intimate gift this Valentine’s Day — a set of 150 cards with three levels and five categories.

For instance, you could pick ‘Happy Endings’ or ‘Wildcards’ aligned with the mood of the evening.

It is a great way to inspire conversations and much more action!

5. Fabelle The Bars Quartet Chocolates

Fabelle The Bars Quartet Chocolates

Ah yes, chocolates, the eternal romantic gift you can never go wrong with.

But these Fabelle chocolate bars draw inspiration from desserts and elevate the experience, suiting the distinct vibe of a date unlike any other.

Your darling can taste delicious flavors like strawberry cheesecake and hazelnut mousse.

6. Drive Safely Personalized Keyring

Drive Safely Personalized Keyring

Here is a Valentine’s gift apt for thrill seekers. The keyring has a clear, resounding drive-safe message.

What’s better than the thought of their darling when the desire to speed or jump signals becomes dominant?

You can choose from color options like rose gold, black, and gold.

7. Personalized Sundial Compass

Personalized Sundial Compass

Does this V-Day coincide with your eighth anniversary?

Brass, the traditional symbol of the 8th year, finds tremendous use in this vintage-style compass, carefully handcrafted for the adventurer at heart.

It features standard nautical symbols like anchor and wheel. You can get it engraved for your husband.

8. Philips Multi Grooming Kit

Philips Multi Grooming Kit

More men are now becoming considerate of their appearance: how they appear to the world outside affects the impression they make at work or in social settings.

This multipurpose kit works for the face, head, and body so that he can trim all regions, including abs, underarms, and groin.

It also has good battery backup: up to 2 hours on one charge, with quick charging built-in.

9. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Readers usually adore a Kindle, even those who have moved recently from traditional paperbacks.

This 6.8″ Kindle has a very book-like display with adjustable warm light. It has 8 GB of space to let him store all his favorite titles while traveling.

Plus, it is waterproof and has excellent battery backup of up to 10 weeks.

10. Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection

Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection

Your boyfriend will likely love this gift if he likes to stay well-groomed.

This 8-pack set contains everything he could need to get tip-top, from a body spray to a shaving cream, brush, and aftershave.

It also includes a travel pouch so he can prepare for road trips and holidays.

11. Leather Laptop Backpack

Leather Laptop Backpack

Why not gift your spouse a laptop pack to sets him apart from the crowd?

This sturdy, stylish, premium bag uses full-grain buffalo leather with a polyester lining.

It has several compartments for easy organization and adjustable shoulder straps.

The colors come from sun-tanning, creating a rustic, earthy feel that is tough to find in a regular PC carrier.

12. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss knife is considered essential for day-to-day life. This versatile tool combines a can/cork opener, a cap lifter, and a regular screwdriver.

It has 12 functions and several color options, all adventurous and exciting to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face.

Since it is a premium Swiss product, it doesn’t rust and is easily re-sharpened with a whetstone.

13. Sony PS5 PlayStation

Sony PS5 PlayStation Console

Here are two qualifier questions: Does your husband enjoy gaming? Do you have a big budget?

The PS5 is among the finest consoles money can buy, providing up to 120fps and perfect suitability for 4K monitors.

From haptic feedback to an all-new controller and an SSD for quick response, this console is a delight for gamers.

14. Personalized Vinyl Record Label Print

Personalized Vinyl Record Label Print

How about commemorating their favorite song lyrics on a stunning vinyl print?

It is an innovative gifting idea that allows you to state details like the occasion, name, and complete words of the song that make his heart flutter — perhaps the track to which he proposed to you?

The seller offers distinctive color choices that match their personality, like sage, peacock, and plum.

15. Casio Vintage Digital Watch

Casio Vintage Digital Watch

This old-world digital grey design never goes out of fashion.

The Casio watch uses stainless steel and attractive chrome plating to give your sweetheart an edgy appeal with different outfits.

Psst: It is a unisex watch, so you can wear it too when you feel experimental!

16. Bombay Shaving Company Grooming Kit

Bombay Shaving Company Grooming Gift Set

The man with the beard can evoke romantic imagery from times bygone. But growing a beard has also become a new-age trend.

This Bombay Shaving kit has all things beard: a growth oil, a softener, a comb, scissors, and a charcoal face wash.

The products use superfoods and ingredients like macadamia and olive oil for a soft, gentle skin feel.

17. Where It All Began Map

Where We Met Map

The places you frequent, the aromas, and the sounds all assume importance when love fills your heart.

This custom map focuses on where you first met; you must specify the exact address and the city name.

It can be a lovely centerpiece for the house you share. It also makes a great gift for when you are still dating.

18. Push-up Board for Fitness Enthusiasts

Bodyband Pushup Board For Men

Your health-obsessed partner will enjoy this equipment tremendously.

This Bodyband board makes workouts more fun by using a connect-the-dots approach.

It effectively tones the upper body (chest, triceps, shoulders, etc.) and uses anti-slip stoppers in the design. Since it’s unisex, you can use it to stay fit.

19. Retro Arcade Machine

Retro Arcade Machine X

A cute 2.5″ full-color LCD and 300 handheld games make this arcade a resounding blast from the past.

Arcades resonate with charm and memories even in this age of sophisticated consoles.

You both can have a lovely time playing cozy, fun games where you combat aliens and wrestle with flying objects from anywhere.

20. Scratch-off Love Coupons

Scratch-off Love Coupons

We recommend this if you want to gift your beloved flexibility, time, effort, and spontaneity.

You can write your message on these sustainable, soy-based cards (set of 12) and let them reveal the surprise.

They make thoughtful gifts for any occasion, like the days leading up to V-Day.

21. 100 Dates Scratch-off Poster

100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster

This delightful gift ensures you won’t run short of date ideas in the year ahead.

Your husband can scratch off any square that catches his fancy to unveil the suggested date idea; you can take turns.

The ideas themselves are fun and varied, from a pajama day to getting a psychic reading together.

22. Melodious Music Box

Wooden Vintage Hand Crank Music Box

Music sets the backdrop for many love stories: a shared dance, a karaoke night, a long road trip.

This small music box belts out a romantic tune for your sweetheart. It does not run on batteries and only needs to get cranked up.

He can even carry it along if he needs to travel without you as sweet reassurance.

23. 100-Year Calendar & Compass

100-Year Calendar Compass

Claim his companionship and togetherness for 100 years with a classic brass compass and calendar.

It supports engraving — you can even use your handwriting — and looks incredibly classy.

Compasses remain handy even in this GPS era, especially for hikers and thrill-seekers. Note: The calendar works from 2000 to 2099.

24. Couple’s Activity Book

The Big Activity Book For Couples

No, activity books aren’t only helpful to keep the kids occupied when you try to enjoy a meal at a restaurants or take a train ride.

This book has games, puzzles, and quizzes for couples, asking you to work together or challenge each other.

The idea is to bring you closer and create a bonding experience that doesn’t involve screens.

25. Space-themed Coffee Mug

Space-themed Coffee Mug

Pick this one if your man loves his coffee.

The beverage gets elevated when consumed from this amazingly quirky astronaut mug!

It holds approx. 400 ml and also works for tea, water, etc., or functions as a table planter. It is BPA-free and designed sturdily to last a good while.

26. Rustic Wood Photo

Rustic Wood Photo

Wood makes an exquisite fifth-anniversary gift. But these wood photos can work for Valentine’s just as well.

You can choose one of your best captures and select an engraving to memorize the frame forever.

The picture gets printed on basswood for an authentic feel and has a protective coat (transparent) to protect against damage.

27. boAt Portable Wireless Speaker 

boAt Stone 135 Portable Wireless Speaker

Help him carry his music anywhere with the boAt Stone 135, a durable wireless speaker with around 11 hours of battery backup.

It has an IPX4 water resistance rating and an inbuilt mic to support calling.

He can pick any connectivity mode, including Bluetooth, and be good to tune in whenever he is.

28. Spark Romance Box

Spark Romance Box

Relationships are beautiful and rewarding, but they do need work, no matter which stage is ongoing.

This intuitive kit has 75 activities or prompts, if you may, that work as conversation starters or date ideas.

The box also has faux matches to keep the spark alive symbolically.

29. Artsy Line Drawing

Artsy Line Drawing

Select any favorite picture of the two of you and have it magically transformed into a minimalist line drawing by a skilled artist.

These stellar artworks capture the essence of your romance, but you can also use group photos or include a pet.

Backgrounds and text are customizable, so feel free to go all out.

30. Soft Cotton Bathrobe

Soft Cotton Bathrobe

Who doesn’t adore a warm, comforting soak followed by the soft feel of something fuzzy and luxurious?

Here’s a budget-friendly way to gift your spouse a spa experience this Valentine’s Day with these 100% cotton bathrobes (380 grams per square meter or GSM).

They even have front pockets and a removable belt for home and outdoor use.

31. Fujifilm Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12

Capturing memories is integral to any relationship, giving you years and years of nostalgic enjoyment.

This instant camera has auto exposure and ensures the object gets centrally placed.

It works well for selfies or portraits. The magic is watching your photos come alive instantly and the happiness reflected in your partner’s eyes.

32. 1000 Pieces Customized Jigsaw Puzzle

1000 Pieces Custom Puzzle

Making puzzles together keeps you engrossed for hours without distractions.

Jigsaw-loving couples can rejoice in these personalized gifts created from a high-res rectangular picture.

Watching your image come together, piece by piece, is a great metaphor for your budding bond.

You can also choose 100 or 500 pieces if you feel 1000 would be too time-consuming.

33. Whisky Smoke Perfume 

Beardo Whisky Smoke Perfume for Men

Opinions may differ on what defines a ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ scent, but this perfume by Beardo takes the high ground vis-a-vis intoxication.

The 100 ml body spray has hints of wood, cinnamon, Patchouli, leather, and more.

It is also an EDP perfume, i.e., it has a higher concentration than most contemporaries. 

34. Personalized Toiletries Bag

Personalized Toiletries Bag

These leather bags are just the appropriate size for him to stack his shaving and grooming essentials.

You can get them engraved if you like.

They work brilliantly for travel, offering your partner a convenient way to carry his toiletries like shaving brush and face wash.

We also like the color options — khaki, coffee, and other soothing shades.

35. Electric Shaver

Philips Cordless Electric Shaver

Help him take the hassle out of shaving with this Philips cordless shaver with 27 blades and 40 minutes of use per charge.

It has a comforting skin feel and lets your man use flexible heads to suit his style closely.

He will be pleased to let you experience the joys of a close shave when you cuddle up this Valentine’s.

36. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

beatXP Bolt Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The older we get, the more real body pain seems to be.

This beatXP massager is a functional Valentine’s gift for your husband to stay well and pain-free, even after intense workouts or long walks.

It uses silent motor technology (under 45db) and has four detachable heads to cover all body parts like shoulders and back.

37.  Professional Action Camera

GoPro HERO10

You have found a befitting Valentine’s present for your photographer boyfriend.

The GoPro Hero10 is a gorgeous action cam for producing high-res (23MP) pictures and UltraHD videos.

It uses hyper-stabilization and inbuilt mounting fingers for a scintillating but comfortable clicking experience.

Since the camera is waterproof and robustly constructed, it works in tough terrains.

38. Smart Echo Pop Speaker

Echo Pop Smart speaker

This speaker is genuinely smart; it delivers Alexa assistance, controls your house appliances, and has privacy controls for hassle-free use.

He can play all his valued tracks from channels like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

It is also a terrific gift idea for the whole family. Your children will love it for playing nursery rhymes and general messing around!

39. Lovebox Messaging Gift

Lovebox Color & Photo

Picture this: a box tuned to your heart, able to send a message to your sweetheart in real time.

But this love box is much more intimate than a regular ping on WhatsApp.

It lets you send photos, animation, etc., via a free application downloadable on the App Store or Play Store.

40. Kanagawa Japanese Shoes 

Kanagawa Japanese Shoes

These trending footwear bear a sporty, wavy design and are famous for their durability and comfort.

The artwork is by Katsushika Hokusai, a renowned Japanese artist from the Edo period (1603 to 1868).

Your husband will appreciate these shoes for a gentle, textured feel. They are befitting for different occasions.

41. boAt Airdopes Earbuds

boAt Airdopes Earbuds

A decent pair of earbuds is a necessity of our times, whether your boyfriend’s focus is on listening to music or canceling out noise for calls.

This 170 TWS set has a 50-hour playtime and 13mm audio drivers.

It also has an IPx4 water resistance rating, making it a worthy bundle of premium features at an affordable price.

42. Bucket List 1000 Adventures Travel Book

Bucket List 1000 Adventures Travel Book

Planning out and taking trips together is one of the many joys of being in a relationship.

This unique travel book details cross-continent adventures to help you plan your next vacation.

It features eye-catching pictures and information on museums, places to eat, and everything you two may need for a flawless vacay.

43. Wooden Phone Docking Station

Wooden Phone Docking Station

Neat freaks will appreciate this desk organizer that serves multiple roles.

It lets him charge his phone and store things he often turns to during the daytime or night, like keys and wallet.

It uses natural plywood and supports laser engraving for a customized Valentine’s gift.

44. Bose Wireless Over-Ear Headphones 

Bose Quietcomfort 45 Headphones

Your music-loving or gaming-obsessed husband will love these Bose Quiet Comfort headphones.

The high-fidelity audio and comfortable fit set them apart from competitors.

They have an impressive 24-hour battery backup and can fire up rapidly in 15 minutes.

Bose is well-known for its remarkable acoustic technology, and it radiates in this iconic pair.

45. Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S

This gaming console won’t take up much space in your home (in case you aren’t into gaming).

It is the sleekest Xbox yet designed and delivers a high-speed, smooth gaming experience.

It has an SSD for swift responsiveness and offers backward compatibility with most of his favorite games.

46. Engraved Wood Watch

Engraved Wood Watch

Watches have always made exceptional gifts for both men and women. But this wooden watch with personalized engraving is something exquisite.

It is a mechanical piece with an analog display for long-lasting use.

The heirloom-style design and ebony sandalwood material make it a class apart, just right for your special one.

47. Comfy Lounge Pyjamas

Comfy Lounge Pyjamas

Everyone and their partner need a pair of extra-comfortable pajamas to slip into at the end of a long day.

This chequered pair uses super-combed cotton for a smooth feel and has spacious pockets.

It has an elasticated waist to suit his size to a T. 

48. Embroidered Initials Hoodie

Embroidered Initials Hoodie

A warm, minimalist hoodie makes a lovely Valentine’s Day present; it signifies comfort, security, and snuggles!

This Roman numerals hoodie uses pre-shrunk cotton and polyester (50% each) and has mid-weight fleece inside.

You can ask for this handmade product engraved with your husband’s initials.

49. Calvin Klein Perfume

Calvin Klein Perfume

You can rarely go wrong with a luxury scent, especially from a trusted brand like Calvin Klein.

It has an amalgam of aromatic notes, from mandarin orange and nutmeg to jasmine, orris root, and cedar.

Your man will cherish the lingering scent of this Eau de Toilette product.

50. Constellation Map

Constellation Map

Even the cynics among us cannot help but be awed at celestial views, the stars and constellations lining up for a gorgeous nightscape.

This beautiful map is an ideal V-Day gift that serves as a tremendous conversation starter and eye-catcher.

It highlights a date purposeful to your pair, recreating its sheer magic.

51. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

This Switch, possibly the sassiest and most mobile gaming console, boasts a dazzling 7″ OLED display and 64 GB of space to host all his favored titles.

It has an adjustable stand, but he can connect it to a television for a large-screen experience.

52. Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

AirTags can be a great gift if your boyfriend is part of the Apple family and owns an iPad or an iPhone.

These nifty gadgets excel at finding your things and keeping track.

It uses Find My Network, which uses encryption with special provisions for data security.

53. Faceless Minimalist Portrait

Faceless Portrait

Art makes one of the most remembered gifts ever, as long as it reaches the right person.

These customizable portraits are available in various backgrounds, like latte and dried lavender.

You pick one of your most riveting photographs and get it translated into a whimsical art piece your partner will appreciate.

54. Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall makes brilliant speakers, well-loved for sound clarity and quality.

Your boyfriend can travel with them as they are IP67-rated and have over 15 hours of battery backup.

It is the best expression we can think of to see the difference in speaker quality in action (and yes, we are talking about the abundance of cheap models in the market).


Valentine’s Day gifts have evolved with time. It used to be the monopoly of teddy bears, chocolate, and flowers — a tradition that gave rise to the misunderstanding that only women like a V-Day present. But as love knows no rules, boundaries, or gender, gifts should not be restricted to women. February 14 needn’t be the commercial extravaganza it is often made out to be, but it certainly can be a fabulous occasion to express that you care.

We carefully curated this list to cater to different personalities. The chances are you find something that matches your soulmate, whether they are a true-blue romantic, bibliophile, adventurer, comfort-seeker, music-lover, or a combination of utterly inimitable traits.

One gifting tip we will leave you with pertains to the budget. It makes sense to splurge on a big-ticket item if 2024 is a precious year for you both: an anniversary, a jubilee birthday, etc. Or, you could use V-Day to gift your person something he has long coveted and been wanting to purchase, like a quality gaming console or superior headphones. Our point is that the price tag does not represent the value of a gift. Sometimes, the cheapest trinkets can make or break a world.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your partner.

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