Antique Carrom Board


The Antique Carrom Board from KD Golden is a timeless classic, boasting a jumbo board size of 39 x 39 inches with a 5 x 2-inch border, available in various thicknesses (28mm, 32mm, 36mm). Renowned for its smooth playing surface and exceptional re-bounce capabilities, this carrom board is a favorite for enthusiasts. KD Golden ensures quality with a sturdy reinforcement at the board’s back, enhancing flatness and preventing warping. The basic design includes waterproof and scratch-resistant playing surfaces, along with frames reinforced with formica, showcasing a commitment to durability. Manufactured in Mumbai’s industrial zone, KD Golden retains its status as the “Old-School” Board with improved joinery and frame finishing. Approved and used in numerous state and national-level tournaments, it is accredited by the Maharashtra Carrom Association. While the color and design may vary from the displayed image, the build quality remains consistent for the selected model, offering a blend of tradition and quality craftsmanship.