Bharata 600 BC Strategy Board Game


The Bharata 600 BC Strategy Board Game is an epic journey into the ancient Indian subcontinent, offering a historically accurate and immersive experience set in the era of the 16 Mahajanapadas (Great Kingdoms). Players take on the roles of various Mahajanapada rulers, strategically and tactically building and leading armies, managing resources, exploring new lands, and expanding their kingdoms. This game has consistently received high ratings for its impeccable production quality, featuring the largest-sized Indian game board to date, 550+ components, and 64 handmade artisanal wood pieces. The stunning map of ancient India, coupled with beautiful artwork, adds to the thematic richness. The well-researched ancient Indian history theme makes the gameplay engaging and highly inclusive for all genders, diverse age groups, play styles, and difficulty levels. With two game versions (Basic and Advanced), it accommodates 2-4 players, extendable to 8 players, and offers high replayability with variable player powers and changing dynamics. The game is eco-friendly, 100% made in India, using local, sustainable materials, including original Channapatna handcrafted wooden components dyed with natural, non-toxic colors. Suitable for ages 14+ and appreciated by younger players, it provides a family-friendly, fun-filled activity that connects friends and makes for an excellent and unique gift.