Black Flame Candle


The Black Flame Candle offers a bewitching olfactory experience with its enchanting blend of Pumpkin Pulp, Chai spices, Vanilla, Bakery, and rich woods that ground the scent. Tinted with charcoal to achieve a captivating gothic black hue, this candle adds a touch of nostalgia for Fall Movie nights while conjuring serious magic through its unique scent profile. Although the flame isn’t truly black and no harm will befall your town when lit, the aroma might transport you to the historic Salem. This gothic take on the classic Pumpkin Spice Candle goes beyond convention, providing a perfect self-care candle to soothe the inner witch in us all. Whether housed in a Pint Mason Jar, a wooden-wicked Tall 7-day prayer candle, or an XL Vanity Jar with a black lid, each Black Flame Candle is 100% soy, phthalate-free, and American-made. Strike a match and let this aromatic concoction kindle the spirit of autumn and Halloween with its rich and magical fragrance.