Cat Litter Box Tray


The Cat Litter Box Tray offers a practical and lightweight solution for your cat’s bathroom needs. With a design that eliminates edges, this litter box is hygienic and easy to clean, ensuring a mess-free environment for both you and your feline companion. The easy-clean plastic cat litter scoop, included with the tray, makes the task of cleaning up after your pet much more convenient. Its compact size allows for efficient scooping in standard-size litter trays without getting too close to the waste. The LitterMaid Cat Litter Box boasts superior build quality with a sturdy and long-lasting material, preventing litter spills. The unique round design contributes to maintaining hygiene, while the bright light material adds a modern aesthetic touch. Practical and comfortable, this tray acts as an effective sieve, saving litter and promoting a clean and happy space for your cat.