Cyberpunk Arms for Cosplay


Elevate your cosplay experience with these custom-designed Cyberpunk Arms, meticulously crafted to bring a futuristic edge to your costume. Created according to an individual design, these cybernetic hands are not only perfect for cosplay but also ideal for parties and other performances. Constructed from durable and flexible EVA foam, these arms provide both resilience and comfort without restricting movement, catering to a medium build. Featuring an adjustable strap for a secure fit, these cyberpunk arms also come equipped with LED technology, emanating an original striking red glow. For added personalization, the color of the LED can be easily customized through agreement, allowing you to embrace the cyberpunk aesthetic in a way that suits your unique style and vision. Transform your cosplay game with these Cyberpunk Arms, seamlessly blending style, comfort, and futuristic flair.