Dog Talking Button


Introducing the Talking Buttons Starter Set, the FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit provides a playful and effective language platform for dogs and cats. This kit serves as an engaging introduction to determine if pet buttons for communication are suitable for your furry learner. Offering a customized learning experience, these cat and dog buttons allow you to choose the words you want to teach your pets. The buttons, easily inserted into durable, non-slip HexTiles, ensure convenient word organization. With compact and recordable buttons featuring high-fidelity speakers, activation is a breeze at the slightest touch, making it accessible for smaller learners. Each HexTile securely holds up to 6 talking buttons, preventing them from sliding around, and the system can be expanded as your pet’s vocabulary grows. The kit also provides step-by-step training guidance and access to a community of devoted trainers through FluentPet, helping you unlock the full potential of communication with your dog or cat.