Fiber Optic Hoodie


Elevate your style with the Celeste Crop Fiber Optic Hoodie, a perfect blend of fashion and technology. This light-up hoodie is designed to showcase your allure with its open back, ideal for pairing with your favorite booty shorts for a picture-perfect ensemble. The oversized hood provides both comfort and style, allowing you to snuggle in while accommodating any hairstyle or accessory you choose to flaunt. What sets Celeste apart is its dazzling display of over 16 million sound-reactive colors, creating an enchanting visual experience all night long. Control the lights with ease through the app, exploring a spectrum of 16 million colors, and enjoy 15 flashing modes for added flair. With a sound-reactive feature, the hoodie comes to life in sync with your music. Plus, with a rechargeable battery that lasts 8-12 hours, Celeste ensures you stay vibrant and captivating throughout any event. Embrace the future of fashion with the Celeste Crop Fiber Optic Hoodie.