Ghillie Suit


The Ghillie Suit offered here, known as the Ghost Ghillie, sets itself apart with unparalleled coverage and density, providing nearly 6 pounds of synthetic, silent, water-resistant thread for optimal concealment in woodland environments. What makes this ghillie suit stand out is its durability, achieved through a meticulous double-stitching process that minimizes shedding – a common issue in many hunting camo ghillie suits. The Ghost Ghillie boasts an advanced 3D camo design, using a 7-color blend of threads to create subtle variations in color, providing depth of field in forested areas. The Woodland Ghost Ghillie Suit is tailored for woodland environments, while the Dry Grass Ghost Ghillie Suit is designed for open fields during fall and spring seasons. With positive reviews attesting to its effectiveness and the commitment to quality, this ghillie suit is a reliable choice for hunters seeking deep camouflage to break up their profile in the great outdoors.