LEGO Boutique Hotel


Dive into a world of architectural sophistication with the LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297 Building Kit, a masterpiece designed for adults with 3,066 pieces. This hands-on project pays homage to turn-of-the-century European architecture, featuring glamorous decor and intricate details. The buildable model consists of five sections, showcasing triangular geometry, highly adorned facades, and an intricately designed interior. Immerse yourself in the construction of guest rooms, a penthouse suite, lobby, terrace, and staircase, along with an adjoining art gallery and coffee cart, providing a comprehensive and captivating building experience. Beyond the build, the LEGO Boutique Hotel is packed with stories waiting to be discovered, making it a delightful addition to the LEGO Modular Buildings collection. As a tribute to 15 years of modular buildings, keen-eyed builders can enjoy spotting fun references to previous builds, adding an extra layer of joy to this architectural marvel.