Medieval Armor Kit


Embark on a journey back in time with the Medieval Armor Kit in Western style, aptly named “The King’s Guard.” Renowned knights and men-at-arms have sought distinction through centuries, not only in their combat prowess but also in adherence to the complex code of Chivalry. To embody the epitome of these high standards, our researchers and lead armourer scoured a castle in the South Tyrol region of Italy, ultimately choosing the Churburg #13 harness. Crafted in stainless steel with meticulous detailing, this armor set goes beyond function, enhancing its aesthetic appeal with etched decorations, Latin-inscribed brass borders, handmade clasps and buckles, and brass rivets. Designed to meet the standards of 14th Century Europe, The King’s Guard is more than just armor; it is a symbol of virtue and renown for those who strive to be “Parfit, Gentil Knights.”