Mini Archery Bow Set


The Mini Compound Bow and Arrow Set Pocket Bow redefines archery with its exceptional features. Crafted from premium stainless steel, the bow’s grip boasts a strong texture that aligns perfectly with the finger grip posture, ensuring a comfortable and precise archery operation. Despite its small and exquisite size, this mini bow maintains the fundamental structure of a compound bow, allowing for accurate bullseye hits even at distances of 15 to 20 meters. The innovative pulley design, incorporating high-quality ball bearings, facilitates effortless drawing of the bow, contributing to stable performance, high shooting speeds, and minimal vibration. Portable and versatile, this compound bow can be easily carried anywhere, accompanied not only by included arrows but also by everyday items like bamboo sticks, chopsticks, or pencils, offering a unique and enjoyable archery experience in various settings, from outdoor competitions to indoor shooting adventures. Embrace the creativity and fun that this Mini Compound Bow brings to your shooting endeavors.