Mini Beauty Fridge


The Mini Beauty Fridge by VYBE is a compact and versatile beauty companion with a 6-liter capacity, offering 50% more space than 4-liter alternatives. Equipped with both AC and DC cords, this mini fridge is designed for convenient use at home or on the go, even in your car. With a temperature range from 5°C to 60°C, it provides the perfect environment to chill or heat your beauty essentials, including natural and organic products, nail polish, serums, moisturizers, toners, sprays, sheet masks, liquid makeup, and more. The pre-cooling feature ensures that your products stay fresh for an extended period. Powered by single thermoelectric cooling technology, the fridge has a power consumption of 48W ± 10%, featuring a built-in DC to AC converter. VYBE stands behind the quality of its products, offering a 1-year brand warranty that covers manufacturing and quality-related defects. The Mini Beauty Fridge reflects VYBE’s commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality solutions, tested rigorously on multiple quality parameters.