Mini Scuba Diving Tank


The Mini Scuba Diving Tank is a compact and portable solution for diving enthusiasts, offering the freedom to explore underwater environments for approximately 15-20 minutes, up to a depth of 10 meters. The 1L oxygen cylinder is filled with features that make it versatile and user-friendly. It can be inflated through three convenient methods: using a high-pressure pump (not included), refilling from a larger tank with the adapter, or using an electric pump (not included) for a quick 8-minute fill. The aluminum alloy construction ensures corrosion resistance, and the included protective pouch adds an extra layer of durability. This mini scuba tank is ideal for diving entertainment, practice, or training, catering to the needs of novice divers, amateurs, water lifeguards, and fishermen alike. Whether you’re exploring the underwater world or honing your diving skills, this equipment provides a convenient and reliable solution.