Nintendo 64 Console Bundle


Introducing the Nintendo 64 Console Bundle, a comprehensive gaming package that ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. This bundle has been meticulously CLEANED, TESTED, and GUARANTEED to work, offering a money-back guarantee for peace of mind. The customizable bundle allows you to select the number of controllers and your preferred game option. The console is in great physical condition, with thorough cleaning and testing ensuring full functionality. The bundle includes brand new third-party controllers that replicate the original N64 controllers’ look and feel. The game cartridge and label are in good condition, having undergone a thorough cleaning process. Choose from iconic titles such as Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, Super Smash Bros, or a combination of these classics. The contents of the bundle encompass everything needed to plug in and play, including the Nintendo 64 Game Console with a jumper pak, power supply, and AV cord. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of classic gaming with this carefully curated Nintendo 64 Console Bundle.