Retro Green Slide Car


The Retro Green Slide Car by Berg is more than just a pedal go-kart; it’s a key player in your child’s developmental journey. Designed with simplicity and ergonomics in mind, the Berg GO² is an ideal choice for little ones aged 10 months and up. With folded pedals, children initially learn to ride a bike by pushing themselves around with their feet on the ground, offering a playful introduction to cycling. As they master the balance bike stage, the pedals can be effortlessly unfolded, allowing them to progress to pedal go-karting. The independent operation of handlebars and pedals ensures the child always maintains control, facilitating a smooth transition in their development. The straightforward and ergonomic design of the Berg GO² offers numerous advantages, including preventing the child’s feet from contacting the wheels and providing excellent stability with its four wheels. Say goodbye to unstable tricycles and embrace a safe and enjoyable cycling experience for your little one with the Berg GO² Retro Green Slide Car.