Salem 1692 Board Game


Immerse yourself in the intrigue and danger of historical Salem with the Facade Games Salem 1692 Board Game – 3rd Edition. This captivating witch hunt game is designed for 4-12 players, aged 12 and above, offering a thrilling experience of cards, strategy, deceit, and luck. Lasting 25-35 minutes, players must navigate the treacherous landscape of accusations and defenses as they hunt down witches in the perilous town of Salem, Massachusetts, circa 1692. The game captures the tension, politics, and religious extremism of that era, where one wrong move or misplaced accusation could lead to a swift and unforgiving fate. Act swiftly to avoid becoming the next witch to face the gallows, and experience the historical drama that still resonates over 300 years later. Facade Games’ Salem 1692 Board Game is a riveting and immersive journey into the dark chapters of Salem’s past, perfect for friends and family game nights.