Snail Tea Cosy


Introducing the Knitted Green Snail Tea Cosy from Ruperts House, these hand-knitted accessories bring a whimsical touch to your tea time. Crafted with care, these snail tea pot and egg cosies feature delightful bendy bobble eyes that add a playful charm. Available in various colors, these fun companions are designed to sit happily over either a 1-liter or 6-cup round teapot, with a smaller 2-cup 410 ml (18cm x 10cm x 10cm) option for petite pots. Not only do they bring a touch of creativity to your tea set, but they are also completely washable, ensuring easy cleanup in case of any spills. Transform your tea time into a delightful and unique experience with these charming knitted snail tea cosies – a perfect addition for those seeking a tea time less ordinary.