Tabletop Glass Fireplace


Elevate your outdoor or indoor ambiance with the Tabletop Glass Fireplace, a unique addition to your entertaining space. Perfect for both outdoor gatherings and indoor coziness, this mini-fireplace creates a mesmerizing dancing flame that enhances the atmosphere for hours. Fueled by gel fuel, the lantern lights instantly and can be easily controlled for safety. The glass components not only add visual interest with reflections but can also be swiftly removed, turning your fireplace into a convenient space for making treats like S’mores. When the gathering is over, simply refill the gel for the next use. Crafted with a natural birch base, which can be stained or painted to suit your style, this kit features 11 easily assembled pieces that snap together without the need for glue or special hardware. Whether indoors or outdoors, this Tabletop Glass Fireplace brings warmth and charm to your space with minimal effort.