The All Seeing Lemon


Behold, The All Seeing Lemon—an oddly captivating creation that is equal parts unnerving and delightful. Crafted from high-quality super-soft silicone, this lemon-shaped wonder is as squishy as it is slightly sticky, promising an oddly satisfying tactile experience. Measuring the size of a regular lemon at 3.3 inches across and 2 inches tall, it fits snugly in your hand, ready to bring a unique form of joy. Each All Seeing Lemon comes with a small bottle of ViseoMaximum silicone lubricant, adding an unexpected twist to its whimsical nature. Washable with dish detergent and water, this enigmatic lemon cleans itself as you wash it. With a moveable eye that gazes into all things in all places at all times, The All Seeing Lemon is a quirky companion that encourages curiosity and playfulness. Just remember, while the eye moves, it’s up to you to give it a glimpse of the world—it won’t wander on its own.