There Are Moms Way Worse Than You


“The There Are Moms Way Worse Than You Book” by Glenn Boozan is a wickedly funny and reassuring read for moms everywhere. With glowing endorsements from notable personalities like Conan O’Brien, Sarah Silverman, and Adam Conover, this clever and silly book brings humor and perspective to the challenges of parenting. The author, a WGA-winning and Emmy-nominated comedy writer, collaborates with Los Angeles-based illustrator Priscilla Witte to create a hilarious and relatable exploration of motherhood. The book not only entertains but also subtly delivers a message that all moms are doing their best. The humorous anecdotes from the animal kingdom serve as a reality check, reminding human mothers that they are doing a great job, especially when compared to the quirks and challenges faced by moms in the natural world. With its witty writing and delightful illustrations, this book is a delightful and reassuring gift for moms, celebrating the imperfect and relatable aspects of motherhood.