Tic Tac Gun


The Tic Tac Gun is a whimsical and innovative gadget that adds a new level of fun to your favorite breath-freshening candy. This clever contraption transforms ordinary Tic Tacs into sugary projectiles that can be launched an impressive distance of approximately 10-15ft. The loading mechanism is superior, featuring a user-friendly funnel that efficiently directs the Tic Tacs into the chamber. Installing the Tic Tac container is a breeze with an intuitive design, and a quick-release system allows for easy changes in container sizes. The modified design includes a larger and stronger spring, ensuring that these Tic Tac guns outperform imitations in terms of launch distance. Notably, there are no external rubber bands, minimizing the risk of mishaps and ensuring a safer and more enjoyable shooting experience. With added color accents, improved mechanics, and an element of playfulness, the Tic Tac Gun is a delightful twist on a classic candy, turning it into a sweet and entertaining pastime.